Ready for Relief?

If you’d like to feel better, experience more joy, learn and move on from your challenges, and know your place in the world, I can help you rekindle your passion for life.

Temporary states you might be experiencing:

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  • Things at work getting you down? (Let’s craft a plan for change.)
  • Can’t seem to get on top of your finances? (Take back control.)
  • Feeling anxious about a relationship? (Find the truth.)
  • Experiencing health issues? (Let’s get you some relief!)
  • Thinking about moving? (Consider the pros and cons.)
  • Looking to explore business opportunities? (Determine the potentials.)
  • Concerned about a pet and hoping for insight? (Help your furry friends.)
  • Need clarity about purpose? (Life’s big question can be answered.)
  • In an identity crisis or spiritual awakening? (Let’s smooth that out.)
  • Simply want greater peace of mind? (Reconnect to Source.)

Paths to Wellness

Steps On WaterChances are you have been on a path to health and wellness for a while but maybe this is your first foray into frequencies of healing (aka Energy Medicine) in an effort to improve things. Options include Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection, which are done above and around the body and are only needed short-term.

In a slightly different direction, it might be that an Akashic Record reading will best serve you, especially if you’re looking for answers and guidance. Take that a step further by learning how to work in the Records yourself so that you can readily access this invaluable resource whenever you need to. Classes are ongoing and include the latest offering, Access Earth’s Record, for those of you who are concerned about our planet and want answers to environmental challenges.

In-Person and Distance Sessions

Clients come to me from across the world so if you’re not based in Central Texas, that’s not a hindrance. By now, many who seek out alternative or holistic modalities understand that distance is no barrier, and in fact, may actually enhance the outcome of such work. Scientists who are studying non-locality are discovering that frequencies get stronger with distance. My own personal story of healing attests to this because I was helped immensely by a Reconnective Healing practitioner who was in Germany while I was in California. The results were breathtaking, and nothing short of miraculous.

The About page lists the training I’ve completed and will give you an idea of who I am and whether we might work well together.

If you’re unsure how to begin, let’s spend a few short minutes via email or phone chatting about what’s going on with you and what you’d like to change, to help quickly get you closer to your goals through these particular paths to wellness. But if you’re simply ready to get started and know the service you want, please give me a call or send me a note via the Contact page.


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