Working as a wellness facilitator and teacher is a very fulfilling career, in and of itself. Sometimes, wonderful surprises in the form of testimonials sweeten the experience even more. Here is a sampling:

Akashic Classes

  • “The best metaphysical or holistic healing class I’ve ever taken!” (Tonya F.)
  • “Maria is an outstanding teacher! She made the class warm and inviting, which made it extremely easy to participate and interact with other students. The entire weekend was held with loving space and I left the course feeling more connected to others and myself than I did before. If you are even slightly curious about the Akashic Records, as I was, I highly recommend learning to access and read the records, guided by Maria! This is a wonderful resource for understanding, growth, healing and self-acceptance!” (Yolanda W.)
  • “I have studied many different energy work fields and find each to be very educational. Maria is a very good instructor and the studies have just lead me further in the direction that I want to go. I want to thank Maria; it was exceptional.” (Marilyn Hritzuk, your Canadian student)
  • “Thanks so much for coming to Spirit Quest Center! We very much appreciate your being here and offering classes. Each and every student was thrilled with the class. We’ve been hearing raves! Please keep us in mind for any future events. We’d love to have you back.” (Chris & Ginger Pennell)
  • “Life transforming class! Amazing weekend filled with learning, fun, guidance, and a greater understanding of life! I recommend Maria’s class to anyone who would like to have a greater understanding of who they are, why they are here and how their life can be even better on all levels!” (Holly Tettemer Hawkins, Akasha Healing Studio & Class Host)
  • “What a truly wonderful class. What a great teacher! We all had fun, learned really important life changing information, healed on various levels, got to laugh and share with other great people and came away better than we were when we started.” (Paul M.)
  • “The class was awesome!” (Catherine R.)
  • “Thank you for teaching this class and for the compassion, patience and love that you hold for all of your students.” (Marta A.)
  • “I am so grateful to you for facilitating this incredibly wonderful class. You are perfect in your guidance and compassionate in your teaching. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!” (Stephana Johnson)
  • “Great class! I learned to see myself through forgiving eyes. Recommend anyone who wants to get in touch with their issues to have a look at the Records.” (Nina G.)
  • “Thank you much for this opportunity! I so enjoyed your wisdom and sense of humor. This is such an uplifting & helpful step on my path.” (Mary McKenney)

Akashic Readings

  • “Maria is a gifted communicator with a warm and delighting energy! I recently had my first Akashic reading with her and left her home excited, enthusiastic, and with a great sense of peace. Her guidance and encouragement during the reading was excellent and the wisdom/knowledge I was able to access is priceless. I definitely recommend her services to anyone considering this unique form of self exploration and discovery!” (Nena)
  • “I wanted to let you know that our son is absolutely fine…he is back to normal and it is a miracle. I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference your session made…and because of our session I had the confidence to stand firm and ask my husband to take this huge leap of faith as we had planned. I can’t think of many things we as parents wouldn’t have done about a month and a half ago to ensure that we are where we are today. And so thankful that we are here. Thank you SO much-again and again and again!” (Texas Mom)
  • “Thank you for that wonderful and insightful reading and I did receive the audio. I have started implementing some of the things we talked about yesterday such as “living in the moment”. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.” (P, Chemist)