What God Feels

I’ve been reading A Course in Miracles (ACIM) recently and at times am quite overcome by its profundity. Yesterday I was on Chapter 4 of the Urtext (the original, unedited version) and came across this:

“…unless you take part in the creation, His (God’s) joy is not complete because yours is incomplete…The constant going out of His love is blocked when His channels are closed and He is lonely when the minds He created do not communicate fully with Him.

The idea that I might have some effect on God never occurred to me before. As I read that passage, it really startled me to think that anything I might do in the way of not being present to who God is, in not allowing that connection to be uppermost in my mind and heart, could mean that I in some way cause God to feel that distance between us.

I’ve said many times that we’re all connected, because it’s what I truly believe and know in my soul, but it never once dawned on me that anything I might do could be felt by God and cause Him to feel anything other than peace and love. I’m not sure how, but that one passage in a rather large tome of deeply profound passages, has changed my entire outlook.

I first heard about ACIM in the ’80’s and had no desire to even open the book to explore what was in it. Over the years, I heard mention of it occasionally and knew people who were very affected by what was written there, but still I wasn’t really interested. A year ago or so I even borrowed a friend’s book which took quotes from ACIM and culled the teaching from certain passages the authors felt especially meaningful. I just couldn’t relate.

Then a few weeks ago the Unity Church I attend began an introduction to the Course and I thought I’d go see what all the fuss is about. After the first week I thought, Nah, not for me, but then something told me to go again and that second time, something stirred in me. Now that I’m actually reading the text itself, a whole new way of thinking is opening up. And to my great delight, I feel the spirit of Jesus, of Jeshua with me as I read, filling me with a beautiful feeling of connection.

Everything comes in divine time, it’s often said, and this is my time for ACIM. I feel a certain responsibility now to be more consistently joyful and to trust that I, one individual, can help God feel a little less lonely. And of course in the process, so do I.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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  1. I can really relate to this. In the past year or so, I kept coming across references to ACIM. I looked it up online and read reviews on Amazon. I, too, thought, this doesn't sound like it's for me. But it finally got to the point where I couldn't ignore the frequency with which it was popping up. Finally, I was at a bookstore with a friend, and she picked it up and said "You may want to get this book." That was it. I bought it. I am working through the workbook portion of it right now, mainly because that's what works best with my schedule. It is profound.

    Another book I am reading is "Love Without End – Jesus Speaks" by Glenda Green. This is definitely not a book I would have randomly picked out to read. But, this time I had a dream that a friend recommended a book for me to read. The next time I saw my friend, he showed me this book. Of course I felt like somebody's trying to tell me something so I bought it. I'm not a religious person, and you could say that I sort of "threw the baby out with the bath water" years ago. This book has, almost immediately, brought the love of Jesus into my life.

    The really neat thing that I am discovering is how well the teachings in "Love Without End" correlate with lessons in ACIM. These two books made themselves available to me when I was ready for them. Two years ago, or even a year ago, I don't think I would have grasped the message. Amazing how life unfolds when you open up.

  2. Thank you Maria for sharing your insights and your willingness to follow Spirit's prompting. Surely God is reveling in the Joy of the deeper connection.

    Your devoted friend,

    Steve Bolen

  3. I read ACIM about 15 years ago. I didn't get it, but I read it/did it anyway. I year ago, I gave away almost all the books I had accumulated on meta-physical stuff, but I did NOT give away ACIM. Maybe time to get it back out and read?!!! I've got some time…….. I think I will!!

  4. I can relate with this as well.

    Several years ago while trying to sleep at 3 am in the morning, the sudden urge overcame me to shower Divine Grace on to all Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and all beings of Christed White Light.

    Then the realization dawned upon me, that while we always are open to basking in the Grace showered upon us by the Divine, how often do we shower our Grace on to the Divine?

    When I did, it was a moment filled with joy, peace and love abounding and I guess it was my first real "taste of "One-ness!"

    There is no separation, and we truly are ALL ONE!

  5. thank you Maria – i was about to give away my book – well almost all my spiritual books – so will keep and now pick up and read –
    interestingly – i have Love without End as my dowsing base – and put my pic or my name on it with a picture of Christ on top – for balancing.
    much love, sara

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