Channeling on the Table

I had the pleasure of working with a couple of folks the other day, after having provided three Reconnective Healing sessions in advance of their Reconnection. On the first day of Tim’s Reconnection, he was very active and made a lot of unusual faces and sounds, and I was reminded of the story of how Dr. Pearl’s chiropractic patients channeled information, actually began talking without realizing it while he was waving his hands around them, back when he first came in contact with this new healing energy. As active as the first part of Tim’s Reconnection was, that didn’t happen.

On the second day of the Reconnection, I could barely complete the session because of how physically active Tim was. I had to be very patient and wait for those moments when he settled down a bit, and so of course, I was able to finish. But what was even more eye-popping than all that physical movement was the way the energy moved through his voice. Throughout most of the session Tim was toning in a very loud voice, forming circles with his mouth and humming really loudly for really long exhalations! It so took me by surprise that I had to clamp down to keep from laughing at first, but when I got over being startled, I simply watched in fascination as his toning continued. And as I thought might happen, given the facial contortions and gurgling noises he made the day before, Tim began channeling in a voice not quite his own!

Now if you’ve been following my work at all, you know that I channel as well (and have a TV show where I do just that), but this was the first time that a client has done so on the table. I’d heard before from a couple other clients that they felt like someone was trying to talk through them during a session, but they hadn’t allowed it.

Tim just let it happen! The information that he spoke was brief, but it was primarily about there being nothing to fear, with words of encouragement to let go of fear, to release, and to know that there is only love (which was repeated several times).

There’s only love…
Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

3 thoughts on “Channeling on the Table”

  1. Hi Maria
    Thank you for sharing your journey with these frequencies. I love your stories and find them truly inspiring. I have just completed the RH practitioner training this past weekend and am looking forward to all the changes coming my way. Be blessed?

  2. Maria K. Benning

    I see that you're in Africa. I soooo wanted to make that trip. Thank you for your kind words. How did you find my blog?

    You are in for some wonderful experiences as a new practitioner.

  3. Hi Maria
    Yes, I am in Johannesburg. I found your blog through Google (can't remember the exact search terms). I was very glad to find someone blogging on this amazing work. I have just recently started my own blog on this and was looking for other people sharing their experiences. I can see that this work is life changing and I can already sense some amazing thing coming my way.

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