Akashic Record “How To” Classes

The Beginning Class and its follow-up Advanced Classes provide all the tools you need in order to begin reading the Records for yourself and others. You will make definite headway simply with the Beginning Class, but if you intend to read the Records for other folks, the Advanced Classes will help you know how to handle the most common issues that arise. That, along with your compassionate yet objective demeanor, will lay the groundwork for this very exciting venture you’re about to embark on.

Beginning/Practitioner Certification Class

The Beginning Class initiates the exploration into the Records through the Pathway Prayer Process© as outlined in Linda Howe’s book, How to Read the Akashic Records, a requirement for participation (through at least p. 89). You’ll be amazed by how quickly you learn to get in and out of the Records, how noticeable that shift will be, and how ready your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones are to help you in the discovery. Not only will you learn how to read your own Records, you’ll also learn how to read for others. In addition, you’ll practice a number of fascinating ways to use the Records.

The in-person class is typically scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, though that can vary. Online classes are usually taught in two-hour increments on a designated weekday over the next few weeks.

Upon successful completion of the Beginning Class, you will be certified as a Practitioner of the Akashic Records, according to the guidelines of the Center for Akashic Studies. If certification is not your goal, you can simply learn all you can about the Records and use them for yourself and your circle of friends.

The class outline includes:

  • Background information about the Akashic Records
  • Guidelines for reading your own Records
  • The Pathway Prayer Process
  • Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones
  • Effective questions in the Records
  • Intuition vs. the Akashic Records
  • Reading the Records of others
  • Variety of uses for the Records
  • Looking for the Light during a reading

Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes include Healing Unwanted Ancestral Patterns, Energy Healing through the Records, and Healing Past Lives. These three additional classes take your exploration into much deeper levels, supporting your ability to read for others, and to offer you greater personal illumination.

Healing Unwanted Ancestral Patterns addresses challenges in your life that are remnants of beliefs, attitudes, or behavioral patterns inherited from ancestors (biological and otherwise), while working toward peaceful integration.

The Ancestral Clearing Class includes:

  • Our soul
  • Healing ancestral patterns
  • Who are my ancestors?
  • How do souls join ancestral lines?
  • What is my responsibility to my ancestors?
  • Inherited patterns and their life cycle

Energy Healing through the Records teaches us to use the energy and information of the Records to encourage healing by navigating through three levels: understanding the story; looking for causes and conditions; and recognizing soul-level truths.

The Energy Healing Class covers:

  • About energy healing
  • Absolutes of the Akasha
  • Sequence of healing
  • Akashic Records perspective
  • How energy healing occurs in the Records
  • Roles & responsibilities of the practitioner
  • Three levels of healing
  • Resolving current life difficulty

Past Lives is about discovering pertinent past life information to heal current wounds, moving out of past life “retrograde” and into ease, unencumbered by our history. Only past life information that can really help address what’s going on today will come up (rather than this being a big fishing pond for past life exploration).

The Past Lives Class outline includes:

  • Information about past lives
  • The three levels to explore
  • Unresolved past life issues
  • Drawing on the power of positive past lives

Successful completion of all three classes will earn the student the Advanced Practitioner certification.