Introduction to Temple Building
For Personal Evolution

9 Steps to Building Your Own Sacred Temple

Join us on Saturday, October 22nd for a rare in-person temple building class in Paige, TX (near Bastrop),
on 10 private acres in the quiet piney woods.

What to Expect

Featuring Dr. Kathleen Ball, Denise Schaad, and Maria K. Benning, these three wisewomen will take you through the 9 Steps To Building Your Own Sacred Temple. You will hear about how to use the megalithic yard, how the various sacred geometric shapes can serve you, how to work with your intention or purpose for the space in conjunction with your choice, and all while we connect with the spirits of the land in doing so. To consecrate the space once it's built, we will open our hearts through sound and movement, sit in meditation as a group, and allow the music we create to enliven the temple itself.

A Brief Introduction to the Workshop

As we gather together on this special day, Kathleen and Denise will review the history of temples, including why the ancients aligned these stone circles, menhirs, and mounds with annual solstices and the stars. We'll explore what goes into building a more modern sacred space for these challenging time we're in, and along the way we'll discover how these temples connect, one to the other.
You're in for an eye-opening, heart-expanding, and mind-blowing adventure!

To augment this process, Maria K. Benning will teach you how to access the Earth’s Akashic Record in order to better understand the function for the sacred location where we will erect a new temple from scratch. We'll explore our collective purpose for doing so, and we'll surely gain guidance into the temple building process itself, with insight into how to move forward with your own site when you're ready.

Our goal on this auspicious day will be to complete a sacred altar together. While this particular temple will be built outdoors, they can easily be constructed in a room of your home as well. Our temples are meant to serve as catalysts for profound personal evolution, yet in planetary service. They make wonderful meditation spaces to help you connect with inner and outer wisdom. They can be made as attractive as you like, or you can keep them simple and rather invisible to others. As you might imagine, you can use them as healing sanctuaries or be content to simply sit in the circle. You're sure to glean your own favorite uses for your temple and can think of this as a relationship that evolves over time.

At the end of our day together, we’ll incorporate movement and sound to complete the temple building process, so please bring your handheld drums and small woodwind instruments. Let's create some magic!

Count Me In!

Cost: $333

Call 512-759-0465 for other payment options (this phone cannot receive texts), or email maria at mariabenning dot com

Your Three Facilitators

Kathleen A. Ball, Ph.D.

Artist and Owner of Ancient Sites Research Foundation, Researcher, Lecturer, Talk Show Host, Creator of Documentaries, Writer and Mystic Intuitive

Denise Schaad

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer, Heart Leader, Owner of Your Energy Awakening , Best Selling Author, Artist, Speaker

Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

Premier Elite Certified Teacher and Practitioner of the Akashic Records, Energy Healer, Metaphysician Extraordinaire

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