From Ancient Temples to Modern Personal Altars

Across the globe temples have been erected by every culture and country throughout the ages. The more well known ones include the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, myriad ornate churches across Europe, Native American sacred sites, and mystical places like Stonehenge, Carnac, and Easter Island. The number of temples that have been built is vast and impressive, even mind-boggling, and they provide a fascinating study into access points to wisdom within us and without. Pure intent plays a significant role in the temple building process, using the Law of Attraction, and sets the purpose for its particular use. If you'd like to take a really deep dive into the history of temples, consider reading The Divine Blueprint by Freddy Silva.

These power places for spiritual evolution can also be built as personal temples for the modern user to enjoy, either inside or outside the home. They have much in common with the ancient temples built long ago, including certain consistent mathematical and sacred geometry principles, yet we approach this very much with today's spiritual explorer in mind. Whether you are interested in an altar that is lovingly placed inside your home by using crystals and small stones, or whether you have enough yard or land to build a temple on a larger scale using certain energy-infused masculine and feminine stones (yes, that's a thing!), your life will be greatly enhanced as you develop a relationship with your personal temple. You can learn how to build a temple by attending one of our workshops, or if you'd prefer, we can do that for you with your input. Reach out and let's talk about how to do that.