Work Life Balance

Ready for Relief?

Imagine if you will…

  • Work that matters
  • Financial peace
  • Satisfying relationships
  • Optimal well-being
  • Thriving pets and animal pals
  • Questions that are readily answered
  • Loving yourself just as you are
  • A graceful spiritual awakening
  • Clarity about your life’s purpose
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs
  • A still mind and abiding inner joy

Are you ready for some or all of this? Eager to move past your challenges and deeply know your place in the world? Are you open to rekindling your passion for life?

Path to Wellness

Chances are you have been on a path to health and wellness for a while, but maybe this is your first foray into the spiritual realm known as the Akashic Records. You’re curious about what this is and how it can be beneficial. And what’s up with that name?

If you’re seeking answers and guidance and are ready to take an active part in the discussion, the Akashic Records can be immensely insightful and even transformative.

You might even consider going a step further by learning how to work in the Records yourself. Why? Because you’ll have ready access to this invaluable resource whenever you need it. See the calendar for a list of “How To” classes, and for those of you who are concerned about our planet (and who the heck isn’t?!), consider the Earth’s Record work.

In-Person and Distance Sessions

If you’re not based in Central Texas, that’s no hindrance. Phone sessions are as effective as those done in-person and we can also meet online. More fun than a work ZOOM!

Ready to get started? Give me a call or send a note via the contact page. Relief is at hand.

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