Temple Building Workshops

Temple building workshops are brought to you by 3 Divine Artisans Productions. Maria Benning helps clients and students utilize the Earth's Akashic Records to enhance this work and the actual step by step process for building the temples is covered mainly by Dr. Kathleen Ball and Denise Schaad. The class entitled Introduction to Temple Building for Personal Evolution: 9 Steps to Building Your Own Sacred Space was developed between three wisewomen who called on decades of collective experience in the metaphysical arts to share a very powerful tool for personal and planetary evolution.

Attending a workshop will teach you how to build a temple or sacred site of your own, whether inside your home or out. During the course of the day, you will participate with your classmates and be taken through each of the nine steps as we build a temple from the beginning through consecrating it upon completion. The hands-on part of the class will be fortified by a wealth of information about temples across the world, what things they have in common, what their initial purposes were and how you, the modern user, can develop your relationship with this wonderful tool and utilize it for the intention you set. Refer to the calendar for upcoming events! (And if you'd like our team to build a temple specifically for you, please reach out for pricing).