Healing Through the Records

Healing Through the Akashic Records

The Healing Class has a decidedly different focus than any of the “how to” classes. While this two-day seminar begins with an overview of how to enter into the Records using the Pathway Prayer Process, students do not spend any time practicing how to read for each other. Instead, you will be led through several meditations in the Records in order to explore numerous ways in which you might not be experiencing the life you prefer. During these inner explorations we focus on gently bringing issues to your awareness. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by learning that what you thought was the cause or the real underlying issue is, in fact, something else altogether.

Going even further in our meditative exploration, we look at whether there is some appropriate action we might take to help bring about lasting change and freedom from limiting beliefs. The information we receive is never more than we are able to handle, and always with the freedom to do nothing at all if you so choose.

In this way, those problems, challenges, painful memories and fears that we’ve been carrying around, in some cases all our lives, can be appreciated as “sacred wounds” that become a pathway for inner peace.

I have seen the power of this healing work in my own personal life and witnessed it many times over in others. You’ll be heartened by the stories your classmates share and often wonderfully surprised by your own.

These gentle methods of facing our fears and limitations help us live more fully engaged lives and offer the real potential for greater joy. The Akashic Records are always supportive, never judgmental, and show a perspective that is often too difficult to see on our own. Had we been able to release from our limiting patterns on our own, we would have done so. The Records give us a very tangible way to do that in a loving environment that will surprise you with its ease.

Prerequisite: Healing Through the Akashic Records (book or CD-set). Our gateway into the Records is via the Pathway Prayer Process© and you’ll want to be familiar with it.

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