Akashic Record Readings

Every foray into the Akash is an opportunity to find relief from whatever is manifesting in our lives as a challenge or symptom, masquerading as separation from Source, or God. Knowing ourselves through the Records strips away that illusion, fully without judgment, and helps us find peace. It’s an illuminating way to explore how our thoughts define our experiences.

Bringing current life challenges, obstacles and questions to an Akashic reading can lead to clarity, wise decision making, and true change for the better. Give some thought to what you want to know and come prepared with a list (do not send that in advance, however). Within the context of the Records, your ancestral history, past life influences, environmental conditions, childhood experiences, and more can reveal a path to profound relief. Viewing challenges and problems as sacred wounds rather than burdens to continually bear, will help set the stage for things to ease up. Pets, businesses, property and more can be looked at from the vantage point of your Record, and theirs (with permission).

Readings are given in-person, on the phone, and these days, primarily on Zoom. Before your session, please read the additional information below so help you prepare and to ensure you get the most from our time together.

Your Upcoming Akashic Reading

Before your Akashic Record reading (in person or on the phone), it will help to prepare questions about what’s currently going on in your life, or things you’re just wondering about (please do not send them to me in advance). Keep questions as open-ended as possible as opposed to simple yes/no questions. Begin with words like how, what, why, etc. Asking what your role is in a particular situation is also quite productive, as in “How is this possibly good for me?”.

Please understand that this is not a psychic reading. The session will flow best if you are willing to talk about your questions and concerns as well as the story behind them. The conversation will go deeper and deeper as long as you remain open to sharing some details (rather than expecting me to predict them). This is not a tool for divination in the way that an astrological reading or the tarot might be. But it can be very helpful on a practical level...and quite profound.

We access your Record by using your full legal name. And like walking into a library filled with books and wondering how to find the right one, yours stands out because your name is on it in big, bold color. (So check how your name is written on your tax records in advance, not your birth certificate, unless you’ve never filed an income tax return. Your driver’s license should suffice if you don’t have tax records). You must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

An Akashic reading typically lasts about 45 minutes. You may record the session if you like (which will help you to not be focused on note taking), and if we're on Zoom, that's easy for me to do. It might be useful to go back and listen again a few days after the initial reading, but it’s not necessary.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment in person or from a distance, please use the form on the Contact page.

In Person or Distance Readings?

Whether you work with me in person or from a distance, the readings are equally effective. As long as I know what your full legal name is, and as long as you’re prepared with questions you’d like to explore, the reading will progress nicely. This is the realm of resist not, fear not, judge not, and the Records are primed to help you not only find answers, but to free yourself from some of your fears and limitations. That being said, if you’re in the local area, it would be lovely if you could come in person. I very much enjoy the face-to-face interaction and some clients prefer that.

However, since most of my clients are not located in Austin, Texas, I’ve experienced just how much is revealed through a person’s voice...and if I simply follow where the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones lead me, things go really well. I will call you at a pre-arranged time, or for those of you who prefer that we see each other, we can do this via Zoom. It's actually become the most popular way for clients to connect with me.

What to Ask

The Akasha is not psychic or predictive, which means you won’t get specific dates but you’ll likely get a sequence of events-type of timeline instead. Your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (as a group) see the bigger picture and will share that. If you have a question, are ready to look at it directly and be guided to a place of clarity, the answers are in your Record. And you can keep digging deeper by asking further questions. What’s revealed will be loving, respectful, helpful, and practical, grounded information you can use right away.

Here are a few sample scenarios that might prompt you to figure out what to address in a reading:


I’m in a relationship and it’s going nowhere. I really had hoped to be married and to have a family at this point in my life. Would it be wise for me to end the relationship and try to meet someone soon who really wants what I want? What are the pros and cons of that? Are there men out there who are ready to commit to family and how might I attract someone? Why do I keep meeting the “same man,” relationship after relationship, leaving me dissatisfied and lonely? Is there anything in the Records that can help me understand this pattern and clear it for good?


I’m in business for myself and it’s going really well as far as having work that matters to me and feeling inspired by what I do. But I’m barely making it financially and it’s scary. Am I kidding myself? Would it make more sense to go back to the regular working world while I’m establishing myself in private practice, even though I really don’t want to do that? Is there some way to look into the Record of the business itself to see if it has something to teach me, to help it thrive? And in my own Record, is there some way I’m unconsciously thwarting my own success? How can I move forward and succeed at the work I love to do?


I’ve been married for 25 years. We’ve had three wonderful children and while two of them are off on their own, the third is struggling to leave the nest. My wife doesn’t push our son as hard as I do to stand on his own two feet. We’re fighting with each other and disagree so strongly, I feel alienated in my marriage for the first time ever. I'm afraid it may be the kids that have held us together! Is there anything there to sustain our relationship into the future? My wife lives for the kids and I live for my job. Without the kids at home, would we even want to be together? There’s so little passion in our marriage that I think about leaving. Maybe she’s thinking the same thing? What does my Record show about my role in all of this? How can I find peace with the situation my son is in, trust my wife, and know that it will all work out? How can I be a better father and husband and create deeper connection with my wife and son?


My cat, Leo, is listless and uninterested. He looks depressed to me and barely eats. This behavior is pretty new (in the last month or so) and can’t be explained by anything the vet has looked into. I honestly feel like he’s trying to tell me what’s wrong, but I just don’t understand. Would you look into my cat’s Record and see if he’ll show me how best to support him? What is he trying to communicate to me? Can we look at both my Record and that of my cat's? I think it might provide some insight I can't seem to get to on my own.


I can’t seem to let go of the grief from my father’s death. We were very close and for years, I gladly took care of him as he aged. Now that he’s gone, I feel my life has lost its purpose and without either of my parents alive, I’m not sure where I belong. How can I truly let go of my father, resolve my grief, and move on with life? If this is how we all end up anyhow, what’s the point? Surely there's more to life than the inevitable end of it?


My health is in a terrible state. For years, I’ve suffered from a myriad of symptoms, have very little energy or “oomph,” and I’m exhausted from it. Is there any hope for improvement? Is there something behind the poor state of my health that I’m not seeing that you could share? What steps might I take to begin to experience some freedom from this? Or, if I’m always going to feel less than optimal, is there at least some way to find peace with this situation and be OK with what is? My poor health is such a drain!

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