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Known variously as the Akasha, the Akash, or the Akashic Records, learning to work in this spiritual realm is fun, informative, and can gently lead to resolution of thorny issues. At the end of a reading we’re often left feeling that our burdens have been lifted, allowing us to move forward with our lives in a more productive way.

For those of you who would like to learn to do this for yourselves and others, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you grasp the concepts and the technique. But if learning how to work with the Records is not your priority, you might wish to quickly power through some of your personal challenges during the course of the Healing Class. Even those issues you’ve been tackling for years have a way of dissolving quite nicely in the Records.

Akashic Records FAQ

These should help remove some of the mystique of what can sometimes seem too esoteric to be understood:

Think of them as the storehouse of information about you and every other person. Some religions have referred to this as the “Book of Life” wherein all is written. The Records are accessed through a prayer and entered into with explicit permission. Questions are brought to the Records in order to help with the mundane (and not so mundane) challenges of life. The exploration is grounding in nature and very comforting.

No, and they can’t even access your Record without your permission. Time is a dimension that has little importance in the Records. Nothing is set in stone, but what can be shown in your Record is the potential or possibility for a particular outcome. Given free will, you make choices in your life based on many variables, but what you can do via the Records is receive information along with healing and integration so that you make wise choices and so your future more accurately reflects your Soul Self as the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs) know you.

The Masters are not personality-identified nor have they ever been physically embodied. They work at the behest of the Lords of the Records to reveal information to you and to provide the healing you seek. The Teachers may or may not have had lives on Earth but the Loved Ones certainly have—they’re the people you’ve known in this lifetime (even peripherally) who have passed on, and they’re here as part of your support team.

Think of them as the Keepers of this beautiful dimension of consciousness. They’re taking care of business and managing the MTLOs. Like a remote CEO, you know they’re there but they’re always behind the scenes!

Absolutely, and please do! This once-closely-held ability is finding its way into the mainstream via the efforts of people like Linda Howe and the Center for Akashic Studies. Begin as I did by getting Linda’s book, How to Read the Akashic Records. If you want to go deeper, there is a set of CDs that is somewhat like a class. It includes guided meditations and practices to help deepen your abilities. And of course, I teach classes and partner up with “hosts” to bring the Records to your town.

There is a beautifully simple prayer that is spoken aloud. It grants you access to that level of energy and information—into the heart of the Akash. It’s an entry way. Mining the Akash means delving into the Records and unearthing layers of useful information.

It’s actually a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance” or “the ether.” This refers to “energy in its first and earliest state…a quality of light in both the physical and spiritual senses.” Many sacred texts have referred to the Akasha, but the Akashic Records don’t belong to one culture or religion. They’re universal in nature.

When you go into your Records and bring a present-day concern or challenge to your questioning, you may get images or information that depict you in what appears to be some other lifetime. If there is something to be gained through conveying this information, then it will show up. Nothing will be revealed that you’re not ready for and what is there will be gently shared. But don’t get too caught up in what’s a past life or some other incarnation. What matters most is what’s going on with your currently.

No. You can only access your own Records. What you will get, however, is information to help you with how your child or husband is affecting you, how you might be able to get help, and what you can do to be at peace. Remember, going into someone’s Records is only done with permission (and it’s probably wiser to have someone else read your husband’s Records!).

Children don’t need a reading and must be at least 18 years old to give consent.

Yes, and yes. This is another fascinating way to work in the Records. Sessions with animals can help us understand their particular behaviors and needs, as well as their role in our lives.

Information received about a house on the market, for example, could help you make a decision about whether this would be the right home for you. There are so many ways to use the Records!

I teach Beginning/Certification and Foundation classes that result in being certified through the Center for Akashic Studies, which will give you the ability to read for others (or you can simply use the information more informally). The schedule is on the Calendar page.

By spending time in your Records on a regular basis. If you will think of this as a relationship, then like any other relationship, it deepens through trust and time.

“While some people work in their Records strictly for their personal growth and development, others use their Records to support artistic endeavors such as photography, pottery, painting, writing, and composing. Business people use the Records for help in managing their companies and careers, and parents use the Records for guidance and support in parenting.” (How to Read the Akashic Records, p.12)

The Healing Through The Akashic Records Class would be your best bet then. You’ll get a brief overview of how to work with the prayer, but the focus of this particular class is on multiple Akashic meditations (forays into the Akasha) to release various life challenges.

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