Akashic Experiment Results

My recent experimentation with the Records comes from wanting to better understand Edgar Cayce’s protocol with the Akashic realm and how he used it to help his clients. I’ve been curious about the level of information I might get if I tried this differently and am amazed by what Cayce achieved, so I thought I’d see if I could get a better understanding of his process and maybe even better results. Cayce rarely had his client in the room with him and someone else (usually his wife or secretary) asked the questions on the client’s behalf, so I wondered how this might go if I tried something similar.

I started with one written and two verbal readings and simply asked the Master’s, Teachers and Loved Ones the questions that three of my clients sent to me, in three separate sessions. The written reading flowed fairly easily as I simply typed out what I heard and then emailed that back; but the verbal reading was harder. I seemed to vacillate between having a conversation with the MTLOs about my client’s questions to something more akin to channeling them. I noticed that at some points I simply relayed the information like I do during a regular one-on-one reading, but at other moments it was like I was channeling the group instead. It was a little confusing, frankly.

The response from clients has been very positive, however, and it’s clear they received benefit and were able to engage with the vitality and sense of aliveness of their Records, even without actively participating. So while I’ve discovered that engaging in this way with the Akash definitely works since I can clearly still bring  forth valuable and pertinent information, what’s missing is the back and forth exchange that allows for follow-up questions. It’s that exchange which facilitates the loving dynamic that flows between us when I hear, feel and convey what the MTLOs are saying while I gauge how it’s being received by the client. This triangulation during a reader-to-client session (whether on the phone or in-person) always feels like something palpably solid is connecting us together at the heart center—like an energy field or strong, thick, warm beam that evokes a sense of oneness among the three involved parties (you, me, the MTLOs). That exchange is lacking when I do readings without the client’s back and forth input and I can imagine only rare situations where this type of reading might be the preferred approach.


Ultimately, healing is the highest outcome of an Akashic Record reading for both client and reader, and that doesn’t seem as profound when doing this on my own with the MTLOs. But I’m grateful to those of you who volunteered to let me play with the methodology.

Edgar Cayce didn’t get to enjoy working with the Records the way we do through the Pathway Prayer Process Linda Howe discovered. In his unconscious trance-like state, he never directly communicated with clients. I really like that interaction and will continue to offer readings in the way I was taught..though this was an edifying exercise!

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