From Me-ism to We-ism

(NOTE: This is a channeled message from the Divine Mother energy known as Sophia)

QUESTION: How do I help myself to feel less isolated? It seems that as a culture, we in the U.S. have taken our independence to an extreme. Those ties that used to bind us as a community have come undone. Or is it just me?

SOPHIA: Yes, dear, it’s just you! 😉

Seriously though, since you all are truly connected, what affects one affects the whole, so your question reflects what seems to be a breach in unity…or shall I say the illusion of separation? To the outside eye, it appears as if many of you are going it alone, and yet you suffer under that illusion because your natural Divine Self filter recognizes something is out of skew—it knows that behaving and doing with one main goal in mind (what’s in it for me?) does not bring happiness.

So what does? Connectivity. Realizing that you are a vital part of something bigger than you deepens your experience on the Earth. Knowing your connection to Source, which is an experience you feel within, immediately envelops you in a feeling of belonging, of being seen, of being loved. This is what yearns to be reflected in your outer world. But that may require some real action on your part. It means that you must be involved in your day to day life through interaction with others, and not remain alone in your ivory tower.

Modern stained glass image of an ivory tower with Marian symbols (the letter M and lilies)

Look to your pursuits: how do you spend your time? Do you welcome the community of others? Actively seek it out? Or do you choose to be alone, waiting for things to come to you?

Find ways to reach out. In some western societies that has become more of a challenge, but look for opportunities to meet and be with others in person. Much happens during the interplay between you. When you look someone in the eyes, hear their voice and see the changes in them as they speak, when you have a sense of what they feel as they relate their stories to you…you connect. There is literally a strand of energy that binds you to each other in interaction, and that beautiful strand is connected to many more strands. We’re getting metaphysical on you here, but it’s important that you understand your part in the whole.

It is human nature to need to belong. You already do, but you may have simply forgotten. In your spiritual practice, many of you cultivate a rich inner life that helps you understand your role in the bigger picture. You remember who you are and that you are loved, and this creates profound feelings of unconditional acceptance as you come to know your own divinity. But don’t stop there. Cultivate richer experiences of love in human form. Take this understanding of your Divine Self into your human life and connect with your earthly family. What happens when you have a rich life of connection with others is that your outlook changes… from me to we, and then Wheeeeeee!

And so it is, beloveds.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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