Frustrated: Where’s My Stuff?

Question: Is focusing on the Law of Attraction productive? Why do so many of us struggle to “get it” and notice true change in our lives? What’s missing, beside everything I desire and don’t have?

The Collective: Friends, what’s missing is peace of mind. You cannot cultivate peace of mind by using your mind to try to resolve anything! The answers do not lie there. Life is not some elusive riddle for you to try to figure out. Life is a gift, in all its forms. Everything you see reflected on the outside is a manifestation of that which is going on within you. Darn that Law of Attraction, but there you have it!

So to focus on what’s missing, what you have done wrong, what you are not understanding, why you aren’t intelligent enough, why this and why that, isn’t particularly helpful. Do you feel better when you do those things? Does ruminating bring release and relief? If the answer is an unequivocal “No!,” then do something else.

What do you enjoy? Can you even elucidate that? How much of your life is spent delightedly engaging in fun? Trip the light fantastic, my friends. That’s our idea of being productive!

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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