Giving Thanks

Question: In America, we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving this week. It’s an interesting holiday, considering our country’s history, yet I do love that we celebrate gratitude. Is it enough to allow that to be our focus?

Sophia: Yes, it is. And in addition, this is a wonderful opportunity for forgiveness.

If you resonate with guilt when you think of the pilgrims and the founding of America, there is opportunity to forgive yourself and others. There is a collective vibration of guilt related to America’s evolution as a country, and that means that you are carrying with you the sins of the past in your current vibration. It helps nothing to do that. The only thing that will help and will encourage you to choose more wisely today is forgiveness. Forgive the past and be present in the vibration of love, gratitude, and peace.

As many of you come together in your family units this week, the openings are plentiful for you to remember to hold no grievances. There is nothing like family to reflect back to you those places which yet remain unhealed. So remember that every time your button is pushed, you can forgive. Make a game of it!

Even if only in the quiet of your mind, start now to reflect upon all the things you’re thankful for. And if it feels right, share your gratitude with others during your celebrations (including being grateful to the turkey who serves so many!).

Every day can be a day of thanks. Every day can be painted with forgiveness. And every day can be a day of peace when you allow the Holy Spirit, your higher Self, to guide you.

Enjoy the holidays, dear ones. But allow them to teach you that they are no more special than any other. Each day is a celebration.

And so it is…

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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