Gulf Oil Spill: Earth’s Akashic Record Speaks

The Akashic Records can be used in a number of different ways. You can open up your own, the Records of others, and places in the public domain. I opened the Akashic Records of our Earth (you can try this yourself) in order to ask questions about the Gulf oil spill. In the Records, it is not the personality (in this case, the Earth) that speaks, but rather, her Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs).

Question: Can the Earth feel our grief at what is occurring in the Gulf?

Answer: Absolutely. There is a gaping wound in the ocean that reflects the gaping wound within your own hearts. What you are seeing on the news makes clear that a careless and cavalier attitude toward that which gives you everything, can have terrible repercussions.

You are meant to be stewards of Mother Earth, as she is for you. The relationship is reciprocal and to be in balance, there must be a give and take. While her reach is wide and her “arms” are strong, she has been pushed to her limits. But she will persevere. You? That is another matter entirely.

Q: How can we heal from this? What can we do? It seems that the environmental damage is so far-reaching, irreversible, and life-threatening.

A: The fact that so many of you are praying for the Earth and those who were and are involved in the Gulf Oil spill is creating an opening, much in the way that humanity was changed after September 11. But that was an opportunity squandered. This need not be. Make unequivocal decisions to change your destructive habits. This is a global crisis that calls for a global response.

Right now, you have the intelligence and the resources to change the way you harvest energy on your planet. If you will be of singular focus, if you will bring forth your brightest and most creative minds to finding not just one, but multiple solutions to the spill itself and to future energy requirements that will leave your Earth replenished rather than depleted, then things can change.

Throughout the Earth’s history, there have been courageous men and women who have done the seemingly impossible. If you want peace on Earth, then you must be a peaceful people. You cannot continue to rape and pillage without consequence.

What has been going on in the name of economic development has benefited a few and harmed the majority. The evidence is all around you. How much do you really need to sustain and enjoy your life? The Earth has more than enough resources for all, yet all are not in receivership of her gifts. You have gorged yourselves to the point of widespread sickness.

Your hope lies in your youth. They are filled with creative ideas that can lead you into a brighter future. Together with the Elders, their focused intent can create miraculous solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. Your world governments can lead the charge and ask for help from the populace, but they must listen and follow through on behalf of the Earth, not because it looks like another way for a select few to make money.

This is not totally hopeless. What are you made of, children of God? Will you roll over, or will you rise to the occasion?

Q: Can prayer play a role in this man-made destruction? Do community healing and meditation really make any difference?

A: Each of you as individuals must answer that question. Does it help you? Does it join hearts and minds in a collective call for healing and offer benefit simply from the experience? Does it spur some of you into action? Does it create a spark of an idea where before all you felt was grief and hopelessness?

Do you think that there is a separation between you and your Earth, or do you understand that there is a ongoing connection between all humans and the Earth which makes life possible? When you feel, those vibrations are felt by the Earth. When the Earth feels, those vibrations are felt by you. You are One.

©Donna Anderson

Q: Is there anything else you’d care to share today about our Earth?

A: All over your planet, there are forces of destruction tearing away at your “home.” The solutions will not come overnight. But for some of you parents who have sat with a deathly ill child and been willing to do anything to help, this is the kind of commitment it will take. The roles have now been reversed. Your “Mother” needs your care. How will you respond?

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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