Haitians in Need

Sophia, there is so much devastation in Haiti from the earthquake a couple days ago. It’s difficult to think of much else.

SOPHIA: Children, you are all connected and it would be unusual for you not to think of what’s occurring. Those are your brothers and sisters in Haiti—no different from you—and what is happening to them is (from a higher perspective) happening to you as well.

So imagine that you are the one suffering in the streets; that your child is missing and you fear the worst; that your elderly parents haven’t been seen and you can’t make your way to their home; that you have neither food, water, clothing, nor shelter. Everywhere you look, your country is in ruins.

Now imagine that miracles begin to quickly occur. Aid from around the world pours in. Basic needs begin to be met. People are pulled from collapsed buildings, alive and ministered to by medical personnel who have flocked to the region. You are not alone.

And this is just the beginning. The road to recovery is long, but not impossible. When you come together, focused in this way, you are unstoppable.

What will you do to help? Will you pray for those there? Are you called to do more? Will you send money? Will you join with your communities and create ways to assist? Will you yourself make your way to the area, offering the uniquely needed skills you have?

Whatever you choose to do, whatever role you play, small or large, we are grateful. This is an opportunity, during unimaginable suffering, to heal. Give what you can, and may your generosity be the balm that soothes your Haitian family for years to come.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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