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I will periodically post updates as I continue my work as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. The most recent posts are shown first and bring this blog up to date from a previous website.


When Someone is Dying

Five days ago my sister-in-law’s mother (Big T) suffered a brain aneurysm and has been unconscious ever since. Shortly after hearing about what happened, I did successive distance healing sessions for her. During the first one, I had the distinct feeling that the healing would not lead to her coming out of unconsciousness and back to life. But I continued to do what I could, in the hopes that it would at least lead to a peaceful transition.

I didn’t tell my brother and sister-in-law that I had done the sessions until my brother called to ask me if I could help. When I told him that I had already done three sessions, he said that while at the hospital that first day, they saw Big T twitching in the bed and actually wondered whether I was doing something for her at that time.

What does that twitching really show? I’m not sure. I hope what I did is helping Big T in some way, because no one wants to see her suffer or linger unnecessarily (and her living will let us know what she wants and doesn’t want). But unless she miraculously opens her eyes and hasn’t suffered the severe brain damage the doctors believe she has, we’ll never know.

Does it mean something that tears were flowing down my face during the sessions? Was it just my compassion for what Big T and her family are going through? Was it the humbling connection I felt to God when this work was flowing through my hands? Was it an indicator that the healing was engaged?

Lots of questions and no clear-cut answers. But I see the comfort it brings to my brother and sister-in-law and their gratitude for my efforts. This healing is something they value and trust, so that’s good enough for me. The rest is up to God anyhow.



It’s been my pleasure recently to work with a couple of women in their ‘70’s. They are years-long best friends and each of them, in her own time, at her own pace, came to me for Reconnective Healing. They arrived at my door with their powerful selves glowing, completely open to what they were about to experience, placing no demands or expectations on the work. They just knew this healing work was for them.

What a delight to work with such openness…no filters, no judgments, no fear. Just trust.

Ready: prepared or equipped to act immediately; unhesitant; present

That’s what these wonderful women were. And it made for a truly special encounter.



Last night I was thinking about a dear friend when I suddenly began a distance healing for her. My hands shot up and began their now usual movements. The power of the energy moving through my hands was almost more than I could physically take. It’s difficult to explain, but the force of the energy is stronger than anything I’ve ever experienced. It feels a bit like lifting weight that is much heavier than I think I can handle, and yet I do handle it. There’s a huge amount of tension involved and I struggle a bit not to fight it, to just let it do what it wants to do. But when I allow it to overtake me, it becomes easier.

Can you imagine? It’s a huge matter of trust. But trust it I did…and what I encountered while thinking of my friend and with this healing moving through me, was her essence.

What is Essence?

It’s the fundamental uniqueness of who we all are. It’s what makes you you, and when that quality in me meets that quality in you, it’s like touching the greatness of the Universe, of God. It is the awe-inspiring connection of one soul to another, and it is absolutely about healing.

So that has me thinking about why this work is called “reconnection.” The friend I worked with last night is someone I absolutely love and admire and feel connected to, but what I experienced with her was greatness beyond anything I ever have during our earth-bound friendship…truly as if we were REconnecting, soul to soul…and it’s left me with even more respect and love for her.

This miraculous linking of one soul to another through the grace of God has wonderful ramifications for us as a planet.

Where’d All the Good People Go?

I was listening to Jack Johnson’s song and realized that it depends on where you’re looking. It’s the clichéd “Is the glass half full, or half empty?” How can we be looking at the same thing and yet see something quite different? Where we put our energy, including our thinking, is our reality. Reconnective Healing is definitely about the glass being half full…and filling up bit by bit with each healing encounter.

What a joy to be immersed in this work…to be connected to other healers who are privileged to do this same work…and to the possibility for changing what at times seems like an insurmountable negative state in the world.

It all depends on where you’re looking…


More About Distance Healing

I’ll be the first to say that I don’t understand everything about distance healing, but what I’m so struck by is how powerfully it seems to work. While I didn’t put these stories on my testimonial page, I have seen some impressive things happen with distance healings I facilitated for my family members.

My father had a third knee operation recently—a complete replacement and the second operation on that knee. Shortly thereafter, he was able to climb eight flights of stairs—something he had long given up. The doctors hadn’t seen anything like it before…and his recuperation continues to impress everyone. He now moves without pain for the first time in nearly two years and enjoys a daily four mile walk. A nice outcome for a man with bad knees, about to turn 70.

What did the trick? The knee replacement? The utter confidence my father had in his doctor? The healing work I did? A combination of both? Something else? Does is matter that I absolutely know? Or is the result enough?

My uncle underwent rounds of chemotherapy and radiation for lung cancer. He’s about to turn 74. The doctors have been extremely impressed with how easily he’s sailed through what would normally knock someone his age flat.

What did the trick? The chemo? The radiation? A qualified medical team? The prayers by members of my uncle’s church? My distance healing work? Some of all or none of some? It’s maddening sometimes not to know for sure, not to be able to bask in my own glory, but does it really matter? Or is the result enough?

My stepmother’s father just turned 94. He went into the hospital about a week ago and no one thought he’d come back out. He’s had a miraculous turnaround and is going home. What did the trick? The three consecutive distance healing sessions I facilitated? The five rounds of blood transfusions? Lots of love and prayer? Does it matter? Or is the result enough?

Meeting in the Void

Sometimes I have the most amazing connection with the person I’m doing a distance healing for. I meet them in some other arena, the void, a place of no thoughts, yet with my mind still aware of what’s happening. I feel such love and honor for them in that meeting and I’m overwhelmed by their greatness, often being moved to tears.

The healing takes over me completely and the enormous energy I’m physically feeling moves from my feet up my body to my arms and into my hands. When that happens, my hands do the darndest things…they vigorously shake back and forth, moving this way and that, and I am so filled and connected to the Universe…

…it takes my breath away.

And I think, surely the person I’m doing the session with must be having an incredible healing. But that person may not consciously know that I’m even working with her and I may never find out what the results were. Or if I do find out, the results may be less dramatic than I expected, given my own experience of the session.

And I have tell you, that’s hard for my ego to accept! Because of course, I want everyone to have the maximum possible healing…but what if they’re not ready? And it isn’t about what I want anyhow.

So much about this is new and unclear to me, but given that a distance healing utterly changed my own life, it’s not so surprising that this form of Reconnective Healing is the work I love the most.

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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