Healing? What Healing?

I had asked M.A., the husband of a friend of mine, if he would give me a testimonial for my web site. Rather than hearing back from him, I heard from his wife, who had asked me to do three sessions for him as a birthday gift. Here’s what she wrote:

“I noticed a HUGE change in the way he interacted with both our daughter and me. He is more positive, light, and very funny, going into odd character imitations, which he does so well.

He has remained very positive and is a delight to have around.

You have most likely saved our relationship.”

It makes me so happy that this work has helped bring them closer together again. I have known and loved them for years, and it had saddened me to think that the family might not stay intact. So where once there was concern and sadness, there’s now joy and lightness of being…and reconnection.

And of course, this speaks to healing that takes place on less overtly obvious levels. While there were no apparent physical manifestations needing help, the emotional, mental and spiritual levels did get engaged in healing for M.A. And that’s equally as important, if not more so…

…just ask his wife and daughter.

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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