How’d You DO That?

Yesterday I finished The Reconnection for a client and after it was over, he bought a healing session for his friend Richard. He really needed it done that day because Richard was in a lot of pain (something I can definitely relate to), and so I fit him in later that night.

The only information I had about Richard was his name and phone number. We never spoke beforehand, although we traded voicemails.

I began the session as planned and felt strongly connected throughout it with lots of pulsing in my hands, so I knew things were unfolding as they should. Afterwards, Richard called me and as soon as I answered the phone with my name, he said “How did you DO that?”

It made me laugh! Distance healing continues to surprise me…

…and others.

Instead of sitting or lying down at 7:00 p.m. as planned, Richard was busy talking to someone and so his attention was engaged elsewhere. But he began feeling tingly and asked the person what time it was. Finally about 10 minutes past the hour he was able to tune into what I was doing. And he was amazed.

So how do I do that? With pure intention and attention. It’s that simple. I knew when my client purchased a session for Richard that he did so out of love, and it’s that energy I tune into and it’s that energy that Reconnective Healing is about. It defies true description no matter how I try, but it feels like the love of God comes through me, energizes in my hands and through my being, and goes out toward the person I’m focused on.

When I go to the LA Reconnective Healing conference in August, I’ll be paying rapt attention to the scientists there who’ll be discussing the research behind this work. But this work isn’t easily quantified, and no matter how much data and mathematical equations they show me, I struggle to relate to this work on that level. I simply FEEL it.

And so does the client. It can’t entirely be understood by the brain, but your heart knows what it knows.

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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