Humbled Into Gratitude

I can occasionally whine with the best of ’em…focus on what’s wrong, feel sorry for myself, bemoan my fate (hear the violin?). Fortunately, it’s such an unpleasant state that I don’t stay there for long. And today I got a real kick in the caboose when I talked to my friend Nina and heard how incredibly she’s handling having lost her hands and feet in surgery last Thursday. She was so peaceful, so happy, laughing with the staff, joking about asking them whether they had saved the parts so she could make a nice soup, and talking excitedly about the future. It was enough to humble me into gratitude.

Thanks Nina, for reminding me of the truth…that we are not these bodies, nor our stories about them. We are so much more.

Shine on…

Zelda and Nina (photo by Ali McGill)

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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