My Facebook Fix

I have been on Facebook since 2008. It’s been interesting to go back and look through the timeline to see all that my friends and I have posted there. What I’ve loved about being on Facebook is that I found old friends, made some new ones, had lots of laughs, and discovered some wonderfully inspiring things to read and watch.

Facebook, as is its right, has made a number of changes over the years, some of which I’m just not on board with anymore. These approach the “big brother is watching you” vibe and leave me feeling uncomfortable. The latest one I’ve noticed is that when you post something and go back in to edit what you posted, there’s now an “Edited” link that readers can click on to see the previous versions. To what end?

I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of us but the main reason I’m taking a break is to refocus my energies on my business and to free myself from what (for me, maybe you’re different) has almost been an addiction.

I have a friend who inspired me to do this with her declarations of how much more productive she’s been since she weaned herself off of Facebook. Rather than her attention going in so many directions, she’s headed more decisively toward what she believes is getting her to her goals. She hasn’t pulled the “delete account” lever yet and still pops onto FB now and again, but she’s loosed herself from the fix.

What about you? Have you experimented with this? I know that some of you don’t spend your time on social media sites, feeling no need to tweet or post a status update, but if you have and you’ve left, do you feel like you gained something by doing so? Or did you miss it too much?

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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