A New Leaf

Ever felt like Charlie Brown? I sure have. In the last year I began to deeply question certain aspects of my life and knew that if I ever wanted things to change, I’d have to do something different (brilliant, aren’t I?). There were times when I couldn’t see any real options and felt paralyzed and scared, but I finally saw a little opening and took it. So thanks to the ever-supportive Dad and Judy, I’ve left my gorgeous, too-expensive apartment and moved in for a while with the parentals. It’s brought immediate relief and opened up new possibilities.

Some of you may know that I spent many of my formative years in Germany (Dad was in the Army when he met my mom in a small German town). I loved living overseas and every time I get to visit, I feel very happy and at home. I’ve thought often about moving back but couldn’t see how to make that happen. The people closest to me have heard me talk about this for years but that’s all it’s ever really been—talk. Now though, instead of thinking I failed at the American Dream (à la Charlie Brown’s lament!), I’m working on a new dream in a different destination.

All of this is contingent upon me finding a job in Deutschland that will allow me to stay, but at the very least, I’m going next summer for three months. I’ll base myself in Kempten with my family, and on the Ammersee with my gal pal, Christiane, and know how lucky I am that they chose the most beautiful parts of the country to live in. I plan to teach Akashic Record classes while I’m there, but I’ll also be job hunting and playing. I might even make it back to Karlsruhe where I graduated high school, and if I’m really lucky, down to Greece for some fun in the sun.

So what looked like a pretty dire situation has now turned into greater daily ease and an adventure that I get to look forward to for the next several months. That’s how quickly our lives can transform.

Take heart, my friends. To quote a Bob Marley tune, “When one door is closed, many more is open.”

An Aside

Like some of you, I enjoy listening to spiritual teachers. I just signed up for “Healing with the Masters“, a free program featuring 28 motivational speakers (many I’m sure you’re familiar with). Check it out and let them inspire you to live your dreams. And as always, I’m here to help with sessions, readings, and classes.


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