Off To See The Wizard

Question: How can I learn to feel more gratitude instead of being emotionally sideswiped by what’s missing in my life?

The Collective: It will come as no surprise that the path to gratitude is within. No-thing and no-body on the outside can really satisfy your longing for peace. Your only source is God.

You are a living, breathing reflection of the Divine and as such you made an agreement to be here in order to learn certain things while embodied on the Earth. One of those is gratitude. In your western cultures especially, you are bombarded by messages that keep you in perpetual pursuit of more, and everywhere you turn you seem to see evidence of the ways in which you are less. It’s no wonder your head is spinning and your heart is in grief.

But instead of paying no attention to “the man behind the curtain,” we say draw back the blinds and let in the Light.

There is no easier way to feel gratitude than to make that a daily practice in your life. It takes but a few minutes at the start of the day for you to place hand over heart, direct your breath into that area, still your mind and allow God’s Voice to be heard. If you can do this, if you can really listen, then you will know gratitude because His presence is what real gratitude feels like.

If you find that you are unable to hear Him just yet, then do the breathing as we suggested and recall a moment when you were grateful for something, allowing that to build in you through your  attention. It is a start to a feeling and a state of being that will surely increase through your dedicated daily commitment.

In the silence, dear ones…

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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