Potpourri: Receiving Guidance

Inner exploration has been a priority of mine for years. Whether it’s channeling, healing work, the Akashic Records, or A Course in Miracles, I give a lot of time to these endeavors.

Sometimes though I get tripped up by whether or not what I’m doing is “against the rules” or particularly effective. My mind starts to question and doubt. Am I channeling when instead I should be listening to the Holy Spirit? Have I really reached the Akashic Records or am I making this up? Is what I’m hearing actual wisdom and does any of it really matter? Is ACIM a bunch of hooey or am I, in fact, making progress toward seeing the Truth? The mind can be relentless.

So here’s the thing: that’s just the nature of the little ego mind. It pulls out all the stops to turn my attention away from relationship with God. Yet none of its wily ways hold any lasting sway. I keep exploring…I keep going within. More and more all the time.

What does it matter how I choose to connect, as long as I do connect? All of these avenues make up my potpourri of gifts. Each has its unique fragrance but the combination infuses my being with its heavenly scent.

What are your ways? How do you combine them into a potpourri that delights and lifts your spirit? As we say in the Akashic Records class: What are your unique talents, gifts and abilities? And how do they serve?

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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