Precious Child

Sophia: Today we speak to you of love, and more specifically, the love that your Father has for you. We use the word “Father” not to denote any gender, but to speak to you of that which most of you relate to as God. As the energy of the Divine Feminine, an aspect of the God-head, we speak to you of the love from God, the Mother as well.

You see, you are always unconditionally loved by your Parents in the spiritual realm. Wherever in your human life you feel that parental love was lacking, a solution can be found by tuning into that which you need in whatever form you need it most. So if you struggle with never having enjoyed real love from your mother, or if your struggle has been with feeling unloved by your earthly father, you can heal that loss through connection with God.

How exactly do you do that? In times of quiet reflection. Just a bit of focus is all you need to tune in to the frequencies of love that are always surrounding you, and to sit quietly and receive them. There’s nothing really for you to do, but to allow. Prayerful connection is yours for the asking, and healing of those areas where you still feel fractured or split off can come without effort.

To receive means “to accept from another by hearing or listening.” It also means “to receive the Eucharist,” which as we mean it refers to “the giving of thanks.” Do you understand? When you allow the connection of Mother Father God to heal you, you are receiving the thanks we have for who you are. Can you receive that?

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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