San Francisco or Bust!

I moved back to Texas from the Bay Area in late February of 2008. It’s hard to believe I’ve been gone that long because in many ways it feels as if I just left…my connection to San Francisco remains that strong. When I moved there in 2004, I was familiar with the area since I’d traveled there often for work in my Human Resources career, but living there was another matter entirely. There’s no other place that compares, to my mind, and I’m thrilled to be returning for a visit soon.

I’ll be teaching the Akashic Record Certification and Foundation classes from May 20-22 in San Jose (y’all come!), but the rest of the time will be spent visiting friends and family and seeing some of my favorite Bay Area sites. The first thing I’ll do when I get off the plane is head to the BART and ride it to the East Bay until the last stop, where my brother, John, will pick me up. He and his family live in the booming metropolis of Hilmar, and I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone there. The next day, John and I will head to my favorite place on the planet, Yosemite, carrying along our camera equipment and trying to one-up each other with our stellar photography talents (hard to take a bad picture at Yosemite!).

The next day I’ll head back to the Bay Area where my dear bud from high school, Mary Jo, still lives (she left Austin shortly before me and hasn’t returned once!). MJ and I will likely spend much of our time in the car, touring all the places I love and miss, oohing and ahhhing over how beautiful it all is. Over the next days I’ll hook up with a couple other friends and attempt to fit in as much as I can (though I don’t have time for everything I’d like to do…darnit!).

When I head to San Jose to teach the Akashic Record classes, I’ll be hosted by a couple of my favorite friends from the metaphysical scene in the Bay Area, and look forward to sharing this work with them and others. Most of these folks I met during my Reconnective Healing and channeling days (many via Seeing Beyond Radio, where I often guested), and I’m excited about sharing this latest endeavor with everyone.

I’ll only have another day and a half after the classes to tool around the area some more, but I plan to make the most of it. There are so many places I’d like to go again but I know this won’t be my last visit to my former home, so I’ll be content with what is.

San Francisco, here I come! Bay Area friends, I hope to at least connect with you at my classes…this time or another.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

HCC-Austin Chapter President

NOTE: Akashic Record Classes
May 20-22: San Jose, CA
June 3-4: Austin, TX
June 24-25: Austin, TX
July 16: Austin, TX
July 23: Austin, TX


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