Sophia Wisdom: A Few Words

I haven’t done much channeling work since I began working in the Records, but recently I’ve been feeling the desire to reconnect with the energy of the Divine Mother, Sophia, who reminded me that she is always ready to share herself with me, and all I need do is ask. So I thought I’d share a few words with you, because I know that many of you miss her messages as well:

SOPHIA: Never are you without the Love of your Divine Mother. God may have many guises but God’s calling card is only and always Love. When you yearn for comfort or protection, call to me. When you need a bit of reassurance, allow me lift you up. When you feel lost in the world of many, let me show you that there is only One. Despair may have its moments with you, but they are fleeting and of no lasting consequence. Joy will have its say again and the Truth will out: you are a child of God, perfection personified, and many are the unseen angels who bow down at your feet. Come gently into our embrace…

Hoping this finds you all comforted…

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

(In Austin unless otherwise noted)
9/14-16: Beginning/Certification & Energy Healing/Past Lives
10/19-21: Houston Beginning/Certification & Energy Healing/Past Lives
11/3-4: Healing Through the Akashic Records w/ Linda Howe!


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