The Universe is a Dream

Alexander Marchand, author of The Universe is a Dream, has written a brilliant graphic novel that helps unravel the sometimes seemingly impenetrable mysteries of A Course in Miracles. The visual power of the often humorous art and words (beautifully artistic as well) are subtly rich with puns and pop-cultural references. This brings the ideas of the Course closer within grasp, not only to a younger generation influenced by massive technological changes in communication, but for those who grew up loving books and the written word.

Looking at the pictures is lots of fun and at first glance is like looking at a comic book (which I loved as a youngster), but this is not a book you can quickly scan through. I kept returning to the Glossary of Symbols in the back to understand what Alex was referring to, and needed to really take time look at everything that’s contained in a particular graphic cel because there are layers upon layers of little jewels there.

I first began reading the Course in 2008 (having dismissed it in the mid ’80’s when a friend pointed it out to me). I attend a regular monthly meeting based on its teaching (and Gary Renard’s books), and occasionally attend study groups; and have felt like I’m nowhere near grasping the depth of this teaching. But I sure have been helped by Marchand’s graphic novel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, often laughed aloud, and what’s more, am now more immersed in the practice of forgiveness in my daily life…like something finally gelled.

If you’re curious, pick up a copy for yourself. There’s also a YouTube video with Kenneth Bok interviewing Alex Marchand. Together, they speak about the nondualistic metaphysics of the Course and Alex’s path to writing his really clever graphic novel. Two thumbs up!

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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