The Three “Nots”

If you’ve put your toes in the Akashic waters (or immersed yourself fully!), you know that sometimes the information you “see” can be quite surprising. The Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones (MTLOs) help you to strengthen your trust muscles a bit at a time through the things they reveal in your Records, and in the Records of someone you’re doing a reading for. So what happens when what you reveal to your client from their Records is met with a vehement negative response?

Here’s what I keep finding out: it’s not for me to judge. As long as I compassionately share what the MTLOs are revealing (and let the reading go when it’s over), I can know I’ve done my job. On a couple of occasions recently, I’ve been quite taken aback by someone’s response to information I’ve shared (thrown off my game for a moment!). But a day or more later those clients have gotten back in touch and told me about major shifts they’ve had based completely on the information they had such a strong reaction to. It’s helping me to more clearly understand just how powerful the Akashic realms are…and how vital it is to trust this.


Resist Not. Judge Not. Fear Not.

Whew! Easier said than done…but I’m learning!

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

HCC-Austin Chapter President

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