What is a Mother?

What a glorious morning for a bike ride, and this being Mother’s Day, I headed over to the cemetery to spend a bit of time at my mom’s grave site. I have never thought I want to be buried myself, preferring cremation instead, but it does surprises me how much comfort I take when I sit at my mother’s grave. I was feeling connected to my mom, a little sad about how much we’ve missed of each other since she died in ’89, but peaceful in a way I rarely felt when she was alive.

I then started thinking of how blessed my life has been with women who have mothered me. Naturally, there’s my stepmom, Judy, who is graceful and elegant and a real weaver of family ties between those of us who have no blood in common. Aunt Marlene, my dad’s sister, is also a blessing and I’m grateful for every opportunity we have to be together, whether here in Austin or when I go to see her in Houston. And of course, I was thinking today of my Aunt Maria (whom I called Gotha). She’s been gone since 2000 but in the years after my mother died, she was my constant connection to her and helped lessen the loss. Recently I’ve also been thinking about my grandmother who died in childbirth with my father. With her death we lost our link to that entire side of the family. What might it have been like to know Helen Isaacs? Was she a loving mother?

Others have played the role as well…even my friend Gyano who is only a couple years older than me but who cares for me in much the same way a mother does. And recently, when my brother’s mother-in-law Kay came to town, I felt that mother love as well.

I’m fortunate to know what it is to be loved in that way, and to have a son I love with a fierceness that no trial or tribulation can change. So to all of you moms out there, I hope that on this Mother’s Day someone reminds you of just how much you matter. And if for some reason you don’t hear it from them in words, take stock in this quote from George Eliot: “Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.”

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