What is Happiness?

Do you give much thought to happiness? Does your experience of happiness fluctuate with external circumstances? Do you wonder sometimes, just what is this thing called happiness?

An old friend and I were hanging out recently, catching up on each other’s life. Hers has been pretty intense recently because both of her parents died within weeks of each, requiring her to spend a long time in Europe, away from her husband. I thought she’d be a basket case, but I was struck by her rather calm response to these “big” events.

My friend told me about a book that has helped her see things from a different perspective…not good, not bad, just observing what is and finding happiness regardless of how things appear. When she mentioned that the title of the book is The Ultimate Key to Happiness, I thought, “Well, that’s quite a bold claim!” I was intrigued enough to ask her to lend it to me on Kindle and I gotta say, I think this guy Robert Scheinfeld is on to something!

Check out the comments/reviews on Amazon and see what you think. You might find that you’re open to some new ideas about your emotional well-being, and the power of thoughts that may be leading you by the nose…in a direction you might not necessarily want to go.

If you prefer listening to audio or watching videos, Scheinfeld has several on his website that introduce his concepts about happiness. In this particular series, there are five videos you might enjoy spending a bit of time with.

I’m already noticing my thoughts and feelings more quickly. That alone helps me understand how I rather automatically ascribe meaning to things, often sending me hither and yon emotionally. Scheinfeld’s book has given me some new insights to consider regarding what happiness really is, beyond my fleeting experiences and unsuccessful attempts to hold onto it.

It will be fun to see where this goes…and to hear what you think. So drop me a line when you’ve had a chance to explore this a bit.

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