2010: A Bumpy Ride

When I lived in San Francisco, I appeared many times on a groovy radio show called “Seeing Beyond” with Bonnie Coleen. For the last several years, Bonnie’s asked me to provide annual predictions for the coming year. I always label them “potentials” because nothing I do is really predictive in nature, and certainly not with regard to time and the influence of free will, but I can speak to possibilities. I’ve been asked to write about 2011 and will as always, do so while channeling Sophia, my primary angelic partner. So please look for those.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about this year, 2010, and what a rocky road it’s been for me and many others. So before Sophia and I look toward the future, I thought I’d ask her about what we’ve just come through.

Sophia: Looking back over the year, a month shy of the calendar end, you see rough patches and a roller coaster ride behind you. And we understand that you’re hoping the ride will smooth out going forward. But from a perspective you may not fully appreciate, it’s business as usual.

When it feels intense and bumpy, it’s because you’re choosing to ascribe certain conditions to what you’re experiencing. It’s hard, no fun, a drag, bummers-ville…rather than, interesting, surprising, oddly challenging, and an opportunity to ask in what ways you may be fighting against yourself. You still have a month to go before trotting out the New Year’s resolutions and being determined, at least for a short while, to do things differently this time. But dear ones, this time is all you have. So why wait?

Life really isn’t something to be beaten, bested, or bemoaned. It’s a golden opportunity to remember who you are and to bring your divinity to every encounter here. Then things become really interesting when what appears to be a bump in the road rises up before you. At that moment, rather than tripping clumsily over what is on the path, see it for what it is. Realize that you can go gracefully around it, walk right on top and over it, or like a child, hop your way across it with a giggle.

Believe me, we have great compassion for what you experience in human form. But rather than wondering what’s the best strategy for total escape or annihilation, just turn. As the song says, “To everything, turn, turn, turn!”

Don’t make a battle of your life. Celebrate it. Give thanks. And when it’s appropriate, move gently in a different direction.

And so it is…

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