A Love Wash

Question: Sophia, I just listened to a channeling from Kyron and once again, am bathed in tears of almost overwhelming love and gratitude. Ever since I realized how supported I am from the angelic realms, I have felt like this. Is there any way for me to help others experience this beyond what I’m already doing?

Sophia: Ah, child, this is an easy one. Be at peace with who and how you are right now. You are living a life of connection and so you naturally desire to help others do the same, for what you have reaped is a knowing that peace on Earth is indeed not only possible, but imminent. Because you no longer war with yourself, you understand and value the vibration of peace. And because it fills you with such optimism and excitement, you do what you can to assist others to connect in this way as well.

We are grateful for what you have already done in your path as a lightworker, a wayshower, if you will. And there will be much more that you will enjoy in this way, but for now, simply know that we are most pleased, most honored to have you as our channel.

Healing Facilitator

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