So Far Gone, and Yet…

Question: Lately I’ve been working with people who have some deeply entrenched self destructive tendencies. Is what I’m doing helping at all?

Sophia: Dear One, keep the faith. Sometimes, as the saying goes, it’s darkest before the dawn. Do not let yourself be sidetracked by what seems to be missing. You do not have the bigger perspective, the way we do.

We know that you are strongly motivated by compassion and a true desire to serve. And so that’s what you do each time you move into a healing session…you act from your heart and your honest hope for someone’s transformation. But as you know, it’s an offering and an invitation that they must choose to accept. You are all deserving of reunification of the soul, and so many times, that’s exactly what you are blessed to witness. But even if that is not the outcome (immediately or eventually), keep doing what you’re doing. It affects the whole in ways you will some day more fully understand.

The more of you who give of your time and energy in endeavors toward uplifting those around you, the more that will absolutely be the outcome and what you see reflected in your community (and in your world). It is like prayer, child. You call on a deep, deep place within you that knows what it’s like to be in such dire need, and from that place of love and heartfelt compassion, you turn yourself over to God as a vehicle for healing, trusting that the one you are focused on will be ready to receive what moves through you.

There is full potential for a miracle, each and every time you enter into the equation. Continue seeing your clients as whole, healthy and complete. Trust that deep within their suffering lies that divine spark that yearns to ignite. Allow yourself to be inspired by just how powerful the remembrance of the divine within is, and celebrate that, no matter how the story unfolds. Not so long ago, you were where some of your clients are…deeply identified with your suffering.

As you’re often fond of saying, and as you’ve experienced personally, miracles abound.

Keep your eyes and your heart open, Lightworkers. We are grateful to call you family.

Healing Facilitator


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