Akash B’gosh

Information about past lives has never been particularly interesting to me, and I can’t say that’s really changed. When the Records reveal something about a past life, however (or at least what appears to be a past life), it’s for a very distinct purpose: to address the concern or issue that brings us into the Records in the first place, so that we may move beyond the struggle and heal from that which has kept us out of ease. Long-entrenched patterns have Light shed upon them, and in a very gentle way, we can be freed from their influence.

There are three levels that people go through during an Akashic Record reading. The first is at the physical level—the level of having a human body with a story about this life. And in fact, that’s how I begin a reading—by asking you to tell a bit of your story, of how you might be currently struggling, and to lay a foundation from which the Lords of the Records can begin to illuminate and dignify your life.

The second level is at the mental and emotional experience of your struggles, where you begin to reap release from that which has plagued your mind and kept you from joy and vitality.

During the third level of a reading, your Soul self or Higher Self “sees” the truth of who you are as you are joined with your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones—the very real family supporting you from those dimensions (what we sometimes refer to as “beyond the veil). This recognition helps us to remember that we are not the body, that we are not our emotional and mental states, and that we can indeed enjoy this physical plane.

Affirmed as the Holy Spirit we are, joy, peace and ease become our new pattern for traveling this earthly journey.

Long may we reign in that truth…

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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