Anybody Out There?

In a book by David Hoffmeister that I’m currently reading (Awakening Through a Course in Miracles), a quote caught my attention this morning: “Who is our father, mother, husband, wife, sister, brother, child, neighbor friend, fellow human being? Beyond the veil of images they are our very Self, the Christ.” This is what I’ve seen in my own Akashic Records as well as when I read for others. No matter the relationship challenge, whatever you think is going on with the other person is a reflection of what’s in you.

Sometimes it’s in this lifetime that I appear to be more the victim, but sure enough, exploration in the Records will show you other lifetimes where the tables are turned and the other person takes that role. It’s a fascinating phenomenon and one that ultimately helps heal the pain, whether any behavior changes or not. When the understanding really sinks in that there’s no difference between us, it becomes much easier to let go of the story (the “He done me wrong” song) and to simply forgive. And oftentimes, it happens with very little effort…no years of lying on the therapeutic couch, no ongoing gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands, just sweet release. Sometimes it happens in one fell swoop and other times it might take another foray into the Records, but the Records do help get us to the healing, and the wonderful realization that you and I are One.

David’s quote helps me to remember to ask myself, Is there really anybody out there?

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On November 3rd and 4th this year, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to explore your relationships (among other things) when Linda Howe comes to Austin to teach the work from her second book. Those two days will be all about freeing ourselves up from the stories that have kept us unhappy or unfulfilled. Let me know if you plan to attend and I’ll put you on the class roster. Or you can go ahead and register your commitment by going to the class link on the Center for Akashic Studies page.

Here’s to seeing the Truth in each other’s eyes…

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July 13-15: San Diego Beginning & Foundation Class
Nov 3-4: Healing Through the Akashic Records w/ Linda Howe!


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