Sacred Wounds: Healing Through the Akash

It does seem at times as if we’re the “walking wounded”, carrying our history around and proclaiming it to be the truth of who we are. How wonderful when we begin to discover that the events of our life need not define us and that appearances can be quite deceiving, though we thought them so solid. Today there are so many wonderful avenues toward self-realization and, of course, the Akashic Records is one I especially appreciate.

My mentor Linda Howe is the first person I heard use the term “sacred wounds”. In the classes we teach, we address the personal, emotional, and energetic component of these wounds—physical, emotional and mental injuries “sustained in everyday life which we use as evidence of our unworthiness but later transform into an access point or portal to our essential goodness. The healing occurs once we shift perspective from ordinary wound to sacred wound.” It’s where the magic happens.

Time and again I’ve observed deeply entrenched painful viewpoints (in myself and others) change very quickly to free up energy that allows us to move forward in a more peaceful way.

Discover This Yourself

On November 3rd and 4th, you’ll have many opportunities over the weekend to transform your wounds into something sacred. Linda Howe will be in Austin presenting the work from her second book, Healing Through the Akashic Records. Let me know if you plan to attend and I’ll put you on the class roster (November will be here before you know it!). You can also register your commitment by going to the class link on the Center for Akashic Studies page.

Let freedom ring…

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

(In Austin unless otherwise noted)
July 13-15: San Diego Beginning & Foundation Class
Nov 3-4: Healing Through the Akashic Records w/ Linda Howe!


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