Atonement: A Kinder View

“In atonement’s gentle song all concerns disappear in the single answer of love.” I read this quote in Ken Wapnick’s Journey Through the Manual of A Course in Miracles, which got me thinking about the way I was raised (Catholic) to think of atonement as penance for sins. In the Course, the word can be thought of as synonymous with forgiveness, the miracle, and healing. To help me heal from the idea that I was born a sinner who can only be granted forgiveness by doing penance, by atoning for my transgressions, when I read the Course I now see the word as “at-one-ment”. It’s fundamentally the point of this work: that we are one with our Creator, with nothing to atone for.

Now in the earthly world of form which we perceive as solid and often black in white in terms of crime and punishment, it gets a little dicey. Our minds can find plenty to analyze and argue with. But as I continue my studies and put into practice the teachings of the Course, all questions do indeed fade away under the gentle power of the love that comes through. I have real moments where I see no difference between us and instead, experience a joining that eases my spirit and dissolves all apparent boundaries of separation, suffusing me with a question-less peace.

Just wanted to share that with you today, my friend.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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