Question: I have been very concerned about chemtrails and their affect on our health. What can be done about them?

Sophia: Daughter, this fear that you carry in regards to what you see when you look at the sky and notice unusual cloud formations is causing you greater harm than the chemicals themselves. I understand that this disturbs your energy field, and that your concern is for others as well as yourself, but if you feel yourself drawn to address this very real problem that exists, look first within before you cause more harm to yourself.

We know that you understand this already on some level, given what you do in your professional life. Fear, anger, and outrage that are allowed anything more than a fleeting welcome can create within you a chemical process that degrades the organs and disturbs all your energy systems, so please realize that a calmer approach is called for. Use the breath to bring you back into harmony, and do so immediately once you realize you are off your center. Invoke the Holon of Balance, both for yourself and others who are participating in these spraying activities. (NOTE: For information regarding the Holon of Balance, go to

The solution can be quite simple with regards to how to address the clouds themselves, and I’ll say more on that shortly. You can become involved at a grass roots level and join together with others who are demanding that indiscriminate spraying of chemicals cease, and that would be a valuable use of your time, for it may be that you are being called to just that purpose. But until you address the very real fear you carry around and realize the impact of that on your health, your outrage will only grow and your state of imbalance will follow suit, and solutions will evade you.

Your beloved Earth is being bombarded with all manner of pathogens and we honor you for paying attention and caring about their impact. But if you feel helpless about what is happening, turn your energy toward using what lies within you—your ability to heal with your intent. Think of the people who are involved as uninformed individuals who do not realize the havoc they wreak, and whose eyes can be opened by the light of truth.

Perhaps the very pilots who man the planes that spray the chemicals will begin to question what they are participating in. And your government, which sanctions these activities, must be held accountable and be compelled to cease harming the very people it should be protecting.

But realize that more can be accomplished with love than outrage, so be mindful of where your energy is directed. There will be a time when you as a people will know how quickly you can “disappear” any unwanted impact. For now, when you see these chemtrails, use your eyes and the love in your heart to disappear the clouds and any harmful impact they may carry…purely with your intention and attention. Make a little game of it and watch what happens as the clouds dissolve before your very eyes.

And if you feel called to help your neighbors be better informed about what is going on, then put your energy there. You are a powerful human being who can create great change through a will that is aligned with the Divine, and the doors will fly open to help you do just that.

Our embrace enfolds you…



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