Traits of Newborns

Question: I wonder about the children being born right now: are their bodies smaller and lighter with less need for weight to anchor them to the planet? Are they able to hold the awareness of their divinity, rather than having it blurred and forgotten within a few years?

Sophia: The two questions you ask, are of course, related. You have picked up on an emerging phenomenon that is a part of your planet’s acceleration. It is by advance agreement that these souls are entering into life in this way, and it serves a purpose.

Think of what you know about evolution…have the changes in species, both human and animal, happened all at once, in a vacuum? No…this is a process that occurs over time and through a series of interrelated events. There is a ripple effect on the whole of your planet as things change, and its purpose is to elevate consciousness.

You are not seeing all children being born at low birth weight and size, nor is that required; but their willingness to enter in this way is affecting the consciousness of a great many others, beyond their small circle of family and friends. You will see in the years to come that this phenomenon actually slows down as a new homeostasis is reached…that is to say, the birth process will change as both mother and child ease into this awakening of a new human being. And along with ease, as is the nature of things, comes knowingness.

It is there in your children’s eyes…if you dare to look deeply into them. Old souls, you may recognize. They are your teachers and they’re here to remind you who you are, and not the other way around! 😉

(NOTE: Sophia told me to put that emoticon in there. It’s the first time I’ve ever used one.)

And we thank you for this question…



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