Reconnective Registers

I’m writing this from Germany where I’ve spent time with the crew at The Reconnection, assisting at the conference and in seminars. I got to take a field trip to use Reconnective Healing with horses and bunnies (and a couple dogs who live there as well) and on that trip, I met a doctor who asked for a healing session the following day.

I haven’t seen such an active session in a long while. At the end of it, the fellow described it like being on a bucking bronco…which is about what it looked like. While it was beyond fascinating to watch the registers escalate (and boy, did they ever), what interested me even more was a particular movement that my hands did. I stood on the right side of his body and was guided to move my hands in a particular sideways fashion, as if I were pulling something from the inside there and drawing it out the side of his body. It was such a deliberate movement, yet it wasn’t me who was in control of it. Jeepers!

When I asked the doc about his experience, he described a myriad of interesting things, but nothing that seemed to relate to the particular movement that had me so fascinated…so I told him about it. Turns out, he has been dealing with liver disease and nearly died from it the year before. Turning his health around has become a primary focus for him and he has succeeded greatly through the use of self healing with RH and some other things he’s done. It was wonderful to realize again that there is a universal intelligence behind this work, and to be reminded to trust what is taking place.

Not only that, but as the subtitle for Dr. Pearl’s book says, “Heal Others, Heal Yourself.” Being able to talk to a medical doctor who has suffered through and then come out the other side of liver disease, was of immense help to me because I have two people in my life, two people I dearly love, who are suffering from the same thing. And this wonderful man will happily provide me with valuable information that I can share with my loved ones.

Reconnective healing…the gift that keeps on giving…

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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