Is Suffering Necessary?

Question: One of the motivational speakers I’ve been listening to says that we will “suffer, suffer, suffer. It’s OK, it’s just part of our growth.” I do not agree. My understanding is that we will suffer if that’s what we believe is needed.

Who’s right?

Sophia: A wise question, and not one that has an easy answer.

Each of you has agreed to come into this incarnation with a particular set of circumstances and a particular set of challenges, in order for you to grow into an awakened human being. Once you reach that awakened point (which is not an end point but continues as your life continues), you are more able to change your circumstances in such a way that suffering is decreased. And the key lies in your thinking. Hence, the questioner is on the right track, but what the motivational speaker said is not wrong either.

Suffering does not need to be your lot. You must be willing to courageously move beyond circumstances that may be creating your suffering, and barring that possibility, to accept what is, be at peace, and allow, in that state of being, for the Universe, for God, to help you tap into Universal energies that can move you out of situations that seem completely impossible for you to escape from.

I can hear the gears of your mind turning! But what about the suffering of those who go through things like genocide, cataclysmic natural disasters, violent attack, horrible disease and pain, etc.? This is where things get tricky. Your logical mind says that under no circumstances would any sane individual choose to suffer in such a way. But what if I told you, reminded you actually, that in fact, you did exactly that? Before the spark of life created this latest incarnation of yours, you understood the potentials for suffering and came in willingly, gladly in fact, because you understood the impact on the whole. You see, you are all chosen people and there will come a day, perhaps even before you leave this life if you so will it, when you truly do remember what you agreed to, and through that remembering, are able to change from a life of suffering to one that is in flow with Universal possibility, lived fully in the present.

Many are the voices who are challenging you to wake up, to remember your divinity. Mine is simply another. But if you are not at peace with the life you have created, do something different. Either change your circumstance, or accept what is and pray to the angels who are waiting to help you now. What you perceive, you can achieve. Think globally. Pray for yourself and humankind to remember who you are.

Then watch as suffering becomes a distant memory. Dare to believe, my children.

And so it is.



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