In A Course in Miracles, there’s a wonderful quote that’s seeped deeply into my consciousness: “Healing is the result of using the body solely for communication.” Solely for communication.

I’m reminded of the many Kryon channelings where he advises us to talk to our cells, to our very DNA. It also reminds me how I felt when I first began healing from a distance session I didn’t yet know someone had given me. I very clearly remember thinking, my DNA is changing! (And this from someone who didn’t exactly impress her biology teacher.) I could feel that something very profound was taking place within me. My health was improving (biggest clues: bolts of kundalini rising, energy I hadn’t felt in years, and pain abating), I was releasing all sorts of emotional patterns (cried a river of tears), I felt much lighter in so many ways (including weight), and I’d begun hearing from Jesus (or Jeshua, as I heard him called). Talk about communication!

From a biological perspective, communication is defined as: the transfer of information from one cell or molecule to another, as by chemical or electrical signals. This is what Dr. Eric Pearl believes is taking place with Reconnective Healing, and he’s putting a great deal of energy into working with renowned research scientists to prove just that.

So what happens when we don’t communicate with our body? It’s left at the mercy of our disjointed and wandering, oft-times berating thoughts (gads!). And the results of that may reflect the opposite of ease.

How are you feeling? Are you in communication with that temple you live in? Could you benefit from “reconnecting” to the YOU in there, to the planet, and to Source? If so, I hope you’ll consider Reconnective Healing. You never need more than three healing sessions and you don’t become dependent on a practitioner. The frequencies begin immediately working with you (in fact, you may already notice them simply through this writing) and once you have received the three sessions, they’re there for the rest of your life, continually unfolding and healing. The communication simply gets more refined.

Receive the spirit of that quote from A Course in Miracles. Begin even now by communicating with your cells, and heal.

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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