Unleash the Storm

Last night in Austin, a storm blew through in an awesome display of nature’s power. Sheets of rain lashed the windows as it flew sideways, and the tree outside my 3rd floor apartment moved in every direction possible as it struggled to stay rooted. Lightning strikes came from several directions, brightening up the dark sky, and the booming thunder made me jump as it repeatedly crashed, reverberating through my body and causing me to step further and further back from the windows.

Do you ever feel like you have that kind of power in you, just waiting for the perfect storm to come together to help unleash it? How much energy are you sitting on? What is bubbling inside you, aching to explode into an awesome display of formidable creativity?

This morning there is a coolness to the air that we haven’t had in months, and a sense of relief that finally, the powder keg ignited and all is calm again. Release that storm inside you…those dreams that you’ve been sitting on are aching to be made manifest. That power that has been building is seeking an outlet and you, my dear, will breathe a huge sigh of relief when you finally let it take its natural course.

Proclaim it to the world: I have a dream…

(Photo by Mark Coldren)

Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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