Day of Contrasts

Yesterday was the Fire the Grid event. I got together with several other women at my Unity Church to participate in this planetary healing and meditation. The room we were in, a small chapel, is in a round shape and has stained glass windows. It’s about as lovely an environment as I can think of in which to participate in such an endeavor.

The hour flew by and the entire time I felt so much energy pulsing through my hands and body. I find it quite astounding that so many of us consciously come together in this way to offer up healing and a vision of a peaceful, whole, healthy planet.

After the event, I went home and cooked a delicious meal for me and my son, feeling quite inspired by the Fire the Grid event and enjoying the many things I have to be grateful for. My son went out for a few hours and I decided to sit down and watch a DVD that’s been here for days. It’s called “And God Grew Tired of Us.”

This film depicts the story of a group of “Lost Boys” from southern Sudan who were forced from their villages when war broke out in the late ’80’s, and boys were being rounded up and murdered (among other things). These children had everything taken away from them. Some saw their parents and siblings killed before their eyes. The things they endured are so far from my own experiences that it’s hard to imagine such horrors.

As a group, thousands of these boys fled to refugee camps across the border. First to one country and then when they were forced to leave, an entirely different camp in a different country, reachable only by walking hundreds of miles through desert terrain.

The film focuses on a group of these boys who, after ten years in refugee camps, were sponsored to move to America. What continues is their story of assimilation while remaining continued culturally connected, and their absolute focus on bringing awareness of their plight to the world, reminding us of their countrymen and women who weren’t fortunate enough to be able to leave.

It’s not an easy film to watch. I can scarcely imagine what it was like to actually live it.

So, here am I, enjoying a pretty affluent life (certainly in comparison), having all the comforts one needs and none of the hardship, and I’ve just done Fire the Grid, where I felt good about giving an hour of my time to imagining world peace.

Does any of it matter? Does what I contribute in these moments of focused planetary healing make one scrap of difference? Lord, I hope so…

, Healing Facilitator

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