FAQs: Akashic Records

1. Can a reader of my Akashic Record predict my future?

No. And they can’t even access your Record without your explicit permission.

Nothing is set in stone, yet what you can be shown in your Record is the potential or possibility for a particular outcome. Given free will, you make choices in your life based on so many variables, but what you can do via the Records is enjoy healing and integration so that your future more accurately reflects your Soul Self as the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs) know you.

2. Who are the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones?

The Masters are not personality-identified nor have they ever been physically embodied. They work at the behest of the Lords of the Records to reveal to you the information, and to provide the healing, that you seek. The Teachers may or may not have lived lives on Earth and the Loved Ones certainly have—they’re the ones you’ve known in this lifetime who have passed on, and they’re here as part of your support team.

3. Are there really Lords of the Records, and who or what are they?

Think of them as the Keepers of this beautiful dimension of consciousness. They’re taking care of business and managing the MTLOs. Like a distant CEO, you know they’re there, but they’re always behind the scenes!

4. Is it possible for me to access my own Record?

Absolutely! And please do! This once-closely-held ability is finding its way into the general consciousness via the efforts of people like Linda Howe and the Center for Akashic Studies. You can do what I did to begin exploring your Record: get Linda’s book, “How to Read the Akashic Records.” If you want to go deeper, there is a set of CDs that is somewhat like a class. It includes guided meditations and practices to help deepen your abilities.

5. I’ve heard others speak about how helpful “mining the Akash” can be, but I don’t really understand how it can be done.

There is a beautifully simple prayer that can be spoken to get you to that level of energy and information—into the heart of the Akash. It’s the entry way.

6. That’s a funny word, “Akash.” What does it mean?

It’s actually a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance” or “the ether.” This refers to “energy in its first and earliest state…a quality of light in both the physical and spiritual senses.” Many sacred texts have referred to the Akasha.

7. I’ve been told that I can see my past lives in the Record. Really?

When you go into your Records and you bring a present-day concern or challenge to your questioning, you may get images or information that depict you in some other lifetime. If there is resolution to be had through conveying this information, then it will show up. You can also choose to more actively explore past lives because it will enrich your knowledge of Self.

8. Can I go into the Records and look at my husband’s or my child’s?

No. You can only access your own Records, whether on your own or through a reader. What you will get, however, is information to help you with how your child or husband is affecting you, and what you can do to be at peace.

9. Are there classes to learn how to access my Records?

The Center for Akashic Studies offers several classes to help you learn to work in the Records. You might even be motivated to become a certified practitioner or take that further and become a certified teacher.

10. How can I develop my abilities even more?

By spending time in your Records on a regular basis. If you will think of this as a relationship (albeit with yourself), then like any other relationship, it deepens through trust and time.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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