Through Your Eyes

There is a quality of connection that occurs within the Akashic Records that is profoundly moving. To know ourselves “through the eyes of the Lords of the Records” is to know our Essence—our basic, real, and invariable nature. Despite the way things “appear” to us—how we identify the person we believe ourselves to be—we meet who we really are when we’re in the Records.

It is an honoring or dignifying of us as pure reflections of God, and it helps us to fall deeply, compassionately, sweetly in love with ourselves, in a way that earthly relationships cannot do. Our individual stories of struggle and strife fall by the wayside and what remains is “nothing” but silence, peace, ease, and a merging with the All.

I sense the shift that is taking place as more and more of us come to know ourselves in this way, and I relax, knowing that here is a pathway to Wholeness.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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