Fear Be Gone!

Question: Sophia, How exactly does one release fear and anxiety/worry? I have been asking many times per day, and have asked everyone I can think of to take it and disperse it into a remote area of the universe. But the pressure comes back over my heart chakra. I am feeling quite positive, happy and content other than this pressure/pain, that usually happens at night. I’ll keep whittling away at it.

Sophia: We like this question very much, because it gets to the root of what holds many of you back, what keeps so many of you from enjoying your lives more fully. Fear is a powerful emotion, but only because it is you who gives it so much power.

Imagine for a moment that you were walking along the road, having a lovely time in the early morning sun, and you were so fully engrossed in your enjoyment that you did not see what was coming up ahead. You were simply and purely enjoying all the sensations of the moment: the feel of the sun warming you deep within, the play of the light on your eyes, the scent of the clean air, the touch of the light breeze, the sight of the beautiful trees with their leaves fluttering gently. Joy infused you without effort and you felt light and at peace.

Then suddenly everything changes. Your gaze moves ahead and what you see coming up is a darkening of the path, a curve that hides what’s coming up for you around the bend, and roaring in comes…FEAR.

What has changed?

Only your thoughts.

Do you get the point? So what is the solution, you ask? The moment you realize that you are in something other than what feels good, focus upon your breath and allow it to bring you immediately to a state of calm again. Fake it ’til you make it, we say! Imagine again that you are feeling at ease, in joy, and instead of fearing what comes up, anticipate your path with excitement!

But Sophia, your mind says, Surely there is something more complex we need to do? That seems such a simply response. And we say YES! The solutions to life’s biggest challenges usually are. Scan your physical body and breathe into the places where tension has taken hold.

Your emotions other than joy and those of a high vibration are here to serve a purpose. Acknowledge them and then pivot your mood back into joy. If there is truly something to fear, allow the fear to propel you into appropriate action. Then as soon as possible, return to joy.

That pressure you feel in your chest is your heart asking you for a break! Give me a rest, it screams at you! TRUST that I am safe and connected, that I have more support than I ever imagined possible and I am never alone. Place your hands over your heart and feel those words of gratitude that you mentioned in your question. Come back to the gratitude and love and give your heart the kindness it deserves. Your mind is driving you into these states…nothing else…and you can do everything about that!

We thank you for this opportunity to commune with you in this way, dear one. You are loved beyond measure.

And so it is…and so allow it to be!



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